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TIEIL HINDU!                                  101
squawk of a parrot, has bluffed half the world into believing that
the tinsel with which his own hands have crowned himself, is, in
very truth, a halo of divineradianccl
However, it is not with Gandhi the man that we are here con-
cerned, but Gandhi the dictator, and the Fascist organization
which he has created, called Congress, which obeys the slightest
crack of his whip.
One of the strangest paradoxes of modern history is that Congress
should be the darling of warm-hearted Western liberals, who would
faint with horror if it were suggested that they were themselves
tainted with Fascism. For Congress is the only 100 per cent, full
blooded, uncompromising example of undiluted Fascism in the
modern world.
Firstly, it is Fascist in principle. The Xazi insistence onthe
superiority of one race, and the necessity of keeping its blood pure,
is matched by the Brahmin's unrelenting claim to dominance and
the necessity of maintaining the laws of caste. Just as every Nazi
is a superman, so every Brahmin is 'Bhudeva/ which means
"God on earth.' And Congress is, of course, a predominantly
Brahmin organization.
Secondly, it is Fascist in practice. It is a Gandhi dictatorship.
So many examples might be quoted in proof of this assertion that
it is difficult to choose the most telling. Perhaps the clearest was
his personal frustration of the British attempt to introduce respon-
sible Provincial Self-government. The Act of 1935 granted large
measures of autonomy to the Provincial Governments; it was
completely negatived by the Congress party caucus dominated
by Gandhi. The Provincial Governments were as clearly domin-
ated by the will of Gandhi as the Italian corporations by the will
of Mussolini: if any made even a gesture of independence, the
axe descended.
Thirdly, it is Fascist by open confession. Which make the attitude
*1r>f the aforesaid liberals all the odder.  History appears to be once
more repeating itself*   Just as many people refused to take Mem
Kampf&t its face value, blinding themselves to the fact that it was